Up to 35% off your next hotel booking with Secret Hotels!

Secret Hotels are fast becoming the new way of booking your holiday and business accommodation. With savings of up to 50% off the usual rate, it’s no wonder that savvy travellers are searching the collection for the best deals for their requirements.


In the past, travel providers offered limited information for their secret hotels, but increasingly convenient features such as the Tripadvisor score are helping people make informed decisions about where they want to stay.

Lastminute is perhaps the most transparent of the opaque booking systems, due to the fact that they integrate Google maps for each secret hotel. Whilst you won’t be able to see the exact location of the hotel, a highlighted area reveals the limits in which your hotel can be found. This can be really useful, particularly if you’re visiting on business and need to be in a certain area, or within a certain distance from a conference or similar. In fact, location is the main concern for many guests booking a secret hotel so Lastminute really have made it easier for prospective guests to see exactly which area they’d be based in if they did book.

Whilst many people simply use secret hotels to save money on accommodation, other travellers use it to stay somewhere more luxurious for their budget. After all, the majority of hotels in the collection are four and five star and include both boutique properties and well known chains making them ideal for special occasions and romantic weekends away.